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Fun Gift ideas for Children (Aged 2-9)

In this blog post, I'm excited to share some of our family's all-time favorite toys and gift ideas that have brought endless hours of fun, learning, and laughter. From toys that encourage creativity and imagination to those that foster educational development.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

It's that time of year again when we're on the hunt for the perfect gifts to put smiles on our little ones' faces. As a mom of two energetic and imaginative kids, I know firsthand the excitement and anticipation but also time and effort to find and right gifts, that surrounds gift-giving occasions.

Whether you have a toddler, a school-age child, or both, there's something here for everyone. Let's make gift-giving a breeze and create unforgettable moments with toys that inspire, educate, and entertain. Happy gifting!

All these gift ideas are on and remember that Amazon has free shipping to Denmark on orders over €69 (about 515 dkk) and free returns, click here for details. All images and titles are clickable links.

After hearing my sons favorite children song on repeat for just about a million times, I got him these children's headphones.

They seem to be good quality and I like that they have volume limiting built into the headphones, you can choose between 2 volume settings, so that the volume cannot accidentally be turned too high and hurt their ears.

The headphones come in 9 different color options.

This soft memory game is great for young children because the tiles cannot be bent and broken unlike regular memory game cards. My 2 year old son loves this set of 24 beautifully illustrated animal fabric cards.

Montessori toy for sorting color shapes: this is a beautiful shape/color classificator. Contains 50 solid wood building blocks in 5 bright colors and 5 common shapes as well as 14 answer sheets for an advanced mode for practicing logical thinking.

Can be used from 2 years of age to learn colors and shapes and used to practice understanding patterns as the child ages.

My sons thinks that it's super fun to practice picking things up with tongs, so this game is perfect for him as he can play both, fishing magnetic fish and picking up little bees by their wings with the little red tongs. He runs over to show me, so proud and happy, every time he manages to pick up a bee.

Cute little cart for my son to pull his favorite teddy bear and toys around with him.

Both of my children love these magnetic painting boards. They are great for letting your children draw without having to worry that they will paint on the walls and the small version is perfect for taking with on trips and to restaurants to keep them busy.

The cheerful, colorful animal keyboard offers extensive play and musical possibilities. Small musicians can have a lot of fun with the animal keyboard and promote auditory, rhythm and motor skills. In addition to the numerous melodies, toddlers can play different animal voices and music, record and play songs, change the rhythm or even create their own pieces.

The animal keyboard is 39 cm long and is officially suitable for children over 36 months, but my son started playing with it even before he turned 2 years old.

Cute full wooden train set with bridge, trains, people, houses and trees.

It's also compatible with other well-known toy train brands such as Thomas, Ikea, Melissa and Doug, Chuggington and others.

These baby felt pens are really good, they are super washable and have a rounded tip so they are not easily broken.

I loved collecting stickers when I was a kid and my daughter loves it too! We take it to restaurants and on trips to keep busy, and she has a great time placing her stickers in the book.

Another cute sticker album with Lama Design. My daughter actually has so many stickers so she has both of these.

I like to buy 3D stickers, or puffy stickers as they are also called, for my daughter because they are easier to peel off the sticker sheet and because they are easy to remove if they are stuck on furniture, they come right off, unlike regular stickers which may need to be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol if they are placed on any unwanted surfaces.

Each pack contains hundreds of stickers in many different shapes and designs for less than €10.

My kids adore Magna Tiles! These colorful, magnetic building blocks have been a game-changer in our house. They provide creative play and learning, from building towering skyscrapers to intricate castles, they are great for exploring imaginations. Not only are Magna Tiles incredibly durable, but they also help develop essential skills like problem-solving, spatial awareness, and fine motor abilities.

We have a big box of them at home and I can't recommend them enough! Magna Tiles are the gift that keeps on giving.


Djeco is a renowned brand known for creating exquisitely crafted puzzles that capture the hearts of both children and adults alike. Established in France, Djeco has gained international acclaim for its commitment to blending creativity, quality, and education in its products.

We own 3 of these puzzles from Djeco; we love them because they have beautiful designs and the puzzle pieces are thick and very well made.


While my kids own the above toys and I therefore feel confident in recommending them, the toys listed below are Amazon bestsellers. So while I haven't personally tried them, they are bought by the hundreds, and often thousands each month and are highly rated, making them pretty great gift choices.

Play-Doh is a favorite among kids for so many good reasons! It's not just a fun and colorful way for children to express their creativity, but it also helps with fine motor skills and imagination.

(Sells 7000+ per month)

Also Play-Doh has so many fun accessories to make all kinds of different clay art.

Instead of painting on paper or canvas, try painting with water. With this craft your kids can learn the traditional technique of marbling paint. Drop the paint on the drawing liquid, twist to shape any pattern and transfer it to paper. Beautiful marbled art, creative and fantastic water art.

(Sells 3000+ per month)

Girl doll with magic dummy, when you turn the dummy the baby closes her eyes. The baby can eat, drink, cry, take a bath, pee and poo.

(Sells 2000+ per month)

The Barbie Totally Hair doll in star look was inspired by the best-selling Barbie doll, which first gained great fame 30 years ago. She has her own hairstyle, hair texture and fashion looks.

The doll has 22cm long hair that invites you to play. It also comes with more than 15 accessories: 8 colour changing hair clips, a comb, 1 set of hair ties, 2 hair bands, a metallic vest, a handbag, sunglasses and a necklace.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

This toy set is a great choice for a gift. It includes stainless steel play pots and wooden vegetables and fruits that attach with velcro and can be cut in half. It's a great option for encouraging imaginative play in the kitchen while also helping kids develop their fine motor skills. The velcro attachment and cutting feature add a realistic touch to the play. Additionally, it's a subtle way to introduce the concept of healthy eating to children as they pretend to cook and serve fruits and veggies.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

These wooden fruit are a beautiful play kitchen accessory that ensures creative role playing. Whether the children are cooking for their cuddly toys or trying out new recipes with friends, there are no limits on their imagination.

Lovely magnetic labyrinth which is easy to carry with you due to its size.

This fun magnetic wooden toy encourages focus, dexterity, logic and fine motor skills of children aged 2 and over.

(Sells 2000+ per month)

They had this game at my kids daycare and it was a huge hit because it comes with real nails that they get to hammer into the cork plate to form shapes.

It promotes creativity and fine motor skills and comes with 64 colorful plates in 7 shapes, 8 special shapes for construction site, hammer and nails.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

The Montessori board is specially designed for small children who like switches and LED lights. This busy board is equipped with 8 different switches, each of which corresponds to a different color or type of LED light. The brightness of each LED light is adjusted to protect the baby's eyes. The buttons and switches are so large that they fit on the fingers of toddlers and are easy to press.

(Sells 2000+ per month)

Here is another popular model. The busy board has been developed for toddlers with 8 switches and 15 LED lights. Each switch activates different types of LED lights. The lights are vibrant yet gentle on young eyes.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

LEGO DUPLO is a fantastic building toy for young kids. We have a big box of it at home. Its large, easy-to-handle bricks inspire creativity and fine motor skills. It's a fun way for kids to learn and have a great time while building with their imagination.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

LEGO DUPLO with a mobile tractor, 3 different colored trailers, building blocks for building broccoli, tomatoes and pineapples as well as a DUPLO figure for a young farmer.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

Cute slide with suction for the bath with fishes and a Playmobil figure that slide into a drip tray and can be scooped up with a little scooper.

(Sells 2000+ per month)

A slight touch by little fingers is enough for your baby can create songs with Magic Touch Piano. This piano is made of wood and features Magic Touch technology, which does not require any buttons.

Two modes allow your toddler to create their own music or play with classic melodies. Your child practices color coordination by assigning the colored notes on the sheet music to the keys on the piano.

The volume control buttons allow you to set the music to "quiet" when necessary or "loud" for a piano concert on the main stage.

(Sells 600+ per month)

This is the larger version of the Magic Touch Piano, where there are colored lights to follow on the piano instead of colored notes on sheet music.

Especially skin-friendly children's tattoos of the highest quality. Tested by dermatologists and produced in Germany.

Super easy to remove – the tattoos can be removed quickly and gently. Simply rub with a cloth and some cream, body oil or olive oil on the tattoo until it dissolves.

(Sells 2000+ per month)

Very cute Mama Guinea Pig that comes in a hutch, and magically has 3 babies. The Guinea Pig can make different noises and has sensor that can sense if she is being petted, her hair brushed and fed celery.

The Hutch has a Normal & a Quick setting at the top on the back. On the Normal setting it takes 2 days for all 3 babies to be born, on the Quick setting it takes 10 minutes.

Each baby also comes with accessories and with a birth certificate. The perfect pretend pet.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

The digital pet that can be really touched: by touching the movable display and movements such as tilting, lifting and shaking or swiping via the touchpad bar, the Bitzee pet can be played with.

15 different Bitzee characters: each Bitzee starts as a baby and, like real pets, needs love, care and attention to develop. The more you play and interact with the Bitzee animal, the more animals there are to discover.

Take care of your Bitzee baby so that it develops into the Super Bitzee - you have to play with every pet, you have to feed it, clean and stroke it to see it grow and unlock mini games as well as other of the total of 15 pets - such as the legendary unicorn.

(Sells 4000+ per month)

Walkie talkies are a fantastic toy for kids because they encourage adventure and communication. They can explore the world around them while staying connected, making games of hide-and-seek more exciting, and backyard adventures even more fun.

The walkie talkies have a cool call alarm function and a clear and uniform sound quality with adjustable volume. Equipped with a high noise reduction function to improve interaction.

They come in 9 different colors.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

3-in-1 multi-functional microphone: not only a karaoke microphone, but also a Bluetooth speaker for music playback and a trick toy with which you can change your voice into children's voice, male voice, deep voice and sweet voice these four modes.

Excellent echo effect and voice changing: the superior filter head expertly reduces noise and dust interference, delivers loud and clear sound with great echo, while the 5 watt speaker transmits your voice. Loud and clear.

Comes in 5 colors.

(Sells 600+ per month)

This remote controlled Paw Patrol vehicle looks just like the Marshall fire truck in the TV series. With authentic details and Marshall in the driver's seat, the remote control fire engine is ready for exciting rescue missions. The Marshall figurine is firmly attached to the vehicle so that it is not lost even during adventurous missions

(Sells 1000+ per month)

Remote-controlled cars are so much fun for kids! They provide lots of excitement and entertainment as they zoom around, performing cool tricks and racing against each other. These little cars also teach them about hand-eye coordination, plus, playing with remote-controlled cars encourages play and social interaction with friends and siblings.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

Jenga is an exciting and timeless game that's perfect for family fun. The wooden blocks are stacked high, and players take turns carefully removing a block and placing it on top. The suspense builds as the tower becomes more unstable, and everyone tries not to be the one to make it tumble. It's a game that promotes concentration, balance, and a whole lot of laughter.

(Sells 4000+ per month)

This science kit contains over 100 experiments - create bubbling reactions, underwater volcano, soap making, crystal grow tree, make wobbly worms, and much more.

It contains tons of scientific laboratory equipment such as cups, measuring cups, test tubes, droppers, goggles, gloves and more materials needed to perform the fun experiments that encourage children to pretend to be real scientists.

(Sells 400+ per month)


Stabilo is an excellent brand for colors that offers a wonderful range of vibrant and long-lasting products, making it a trusted choice for quality art supplies. Whether it's their pens, markers, or colored pencils, Stabilo consistently delivers on both performance and durability.

(All color pens sets below cost less than €10)

The Stabilo Power fibre tip pens have a particularly high-quality tip. They can be left open for up to 8 weeks and still do not dry out. This is especially an advantage when the felt tip pens are also used by small children. In addition, the ink of the pens is washable – small stains are therefore no problem with the fibre pens.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

The Stabilo Trio thick pencil is the perfect coloured pencil for small artists. Children in preschool and primary school will draw for hours without tiring or cramping. The extra thick pen shape is ideal for the hands of smaller children. Inside the wooden coloured pencil is the 4.2 mm thick lead. This is particularly robust and does not break if the pen falls on the floor.

(Sells 1000+ per month)

The metallic felt tip pens are not only ideal for painting, but also great for DIY projects. The pens create shimmering effects on paper, cardboard, wood and other absorbent surfaces. Great for decorating gifts and decorating cards, letters and photo albums.

(Sells 1000+ per month)


I hope you enjoyed this blog post of the best gift ideas for children aged 2+. If you have questions about anything in this article or anything Amazon related, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you have.

If you found this blog post helpful, please like and share!


I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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